First Draft of Lemonhead Complete

script-lemonheadLast week I reached a personal milestone and wrote the first three episodes of my television series ‘Lemonhead’. Each episode is about 30 pages which of course totals to 90 pages overall, which to me is a great achievement. As it’s a draft there is still plenty to do but I look forward to it. This weekend, myself and the rest of my university classmates are taking a weekend trip to mid-Wales where we will stay at Grenygog Hall and will assess each other’s work with feedback and use that to improve our scripts.

Now, I will admit I’ve been a bit scarce with the plot details for Lemonhead. I don’t want to give too much of the story away but the main themes are ambition, battling depression, inner demons and relationships. Lemonhead will focus on the shortcomings of a young man called Jamie who is given the opportunity to pursue a lifetime goal after leading a less than average lifestyle. However, Jamie is faced with several obstacles and personal issues that will try to deter him from the ambition he always desired but just never matched that desire with any tenacity or will. Will he succeed or will he fail miserably? I have three more episodes to write to find out the answer. Of course, I already know how but I’m looking forward to going into detail of why. I’m heavily influenced by HBO’s Silicon Valley at the moment which to me is a fantastic story of ambition and the underdog. Plus it’s subject matter is something I have a lot of interest in. The subject matter of Lemonhead is indie gaming and that’s as far as I will go into it.

In other news, the computer games that I’m writing for had a successful Kickstarter! We reached almost $31,000 in the space of 30 days which is a fantastic achievement for myself and the whole team involved. One of the games is an anthology series called Order of the Thorne and I’ve been helping write out the story and design plan of one of the episodes. I’m very excited to crack on with this and it’s a game I’m sure people will really enjoy playing. You can check out the Kickstarter here and more information about the game here.

And finally, I finished my short script, ‘Mr Wrongright’ a cautionary tale of cyber bullying and prejudice. As this is the first draft there is still plenty of time (famous last words) for changes and whatnot as my deadline isn’t until end of May. However, I do face a small dilemma with this in terms of how I want to present it. Do I keep it as a short film like it is now or do I adapt it for radio? I’m sure it can work out well for radio but having not written a radio piece before it will be challenge. Hopefully I can get some clarity after the weekend but one thing is for sure it’s a tale I really want to tell and I want to make sure the media it is represented in can tell the story well.