Short Script Complete! Now what?

Laptop in dark room
Mr. Wrongright focuses on online broadcasting platforms such as Youtube and the desperation for attention.

Mr Wrongright, my short script and cautionary tale about acceptance, attention as well as the wonders and dangers of technology was finally completed last Friday and sent away to the powers that be for marking. I will be uploading my short script here for all to see very soon but one thing is for sure I did enjoy creating Roger’s world and exploring many of the modern issues we face in today’s online society including anonymity and need for attention. If I were to give an initial postmortem of it though, I’d have aimed for something simpler and abide by the law of ‘less is more.’

I’ve written short scripts before with minimal locations and characters with an intent to film and edit at a later date – which I’ve done – but I went into Mr Wrongright with more of an open mind so I could concentrate on the story more than the convenience of shooting. Of course, it’s ideal to nail both those aspects in one single short script but I became too attached to the story I initially created for this and didn’t want to change or sacrifice too much. Overall though, I’m happy with the final product.

But that is done and now my full attention will rest solely on Lemonhead, my TV series. I have plenty of time to get stuck into this and even write the remaining three episodes but for now I need to perfect the first three, get my characters into gear and mold the story into something uniquely special and memorable. I was very happy with my feedback from Gregynog and now I have the summer put that feedback into good use. I even bought Final Draft 9 to re-write my episodes in to get a feel of the software.

My standing banner for Infamous Quests

I also have my video game projects coming up. This being Order of the Thorne, an anthology series set in a fantasy with different protagonists and stories each episode. I’ve been writing the second episode, Fortress of Fire, which focuses on a faithful and brave Squire who rescues his Knight after being taken prisoner by a cursed race of soldiers. This involves puzzle design, creating characters and creating a world for the main character to explore. It’s a lot of fun and we’ve had a lot of interest already due to a previous Kickstarter campaign.

Infact, I’m going to be demoing the first episode, The King’s Challenge at a Gaming Expo on the 19th June. I’m very excited about this and more details will be available on our game website shortly. I had this made especially for the expo so looking forward to showing it off.

More information about the The Wales Games Development Show can be found here and it takes place at Cardiff City Hall on Friday, June 19th.