About me

Hello! My name is James Broom and I’m in my mid-twenties and currently doing an MA in Scriptwriting at the University of South Wales. I am living in Cardiff, Wales having lived outside London most of my life. I’m an aspiring writer and hope this course can be the step in the right directions towards a career in the film industry. I have also been involved in designing video games and websites. If you need to know anymore or have any questions feel free to get in touch.


jamesFrom a young age I always had a wild imagination and loved making up stories and situations. I always favored films and theatre. When I was 10 I started acting at a local theatre company and wanted that to be my profession. Fast forward a few years, turns out I would prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. Once I had finished secondary school I enrolled at West Herts College to get a diploma in Media Production, learning the creative and technical side of film making. I went on to finish this course and study Film and TV production at University of Hertfordshire. Once again I reached another realisation that when it came to the entire film making process, my favorite was writing the screenplay.

After university I began writing for an indie game company called Infamous Quests. I had got involved with the design and writing of their recent commercial point and click adventure game, Quest for Infamy. This was the first time any work of mine had been published and it’s game you can purchase on Steam and other digital distribution services. I had also worked on previous titles Space Quest II VGA and King’s Quest III VGA before that.

I’ve also designed websites, having worked with clients across the country and worked on my own online ventures. I am able to design, code and develop in different languages from HTML, CSS, PHP and have a basic understanding of other languages too. You can look at some of the websites I’ve built here.