Roll Up! Roll Up!

circus-rollupThis project was really exciting as we got to work with a renowned company and had the choice to make a collection of cards. This was a different experience to just pattern designing, so I enjoyed it a lot as I love creating my own characters, products and illustration!

My theme was circus inspired as I thought this would be a really fun and exciting concept for the children’s market. I designed 8 different cards with the animals doing the tricks. I incorporated bright, neutral colours with 4 different animals to appeal to both genders.

To make an extra fun, interactive element with a unique concept to my cards, I incorporated finger puppets, flaps, pockets, decoupage and a colour me in page inside so it has other uses after it is used for a birthday card. Everything I did was made by hand.

We were also asked to make a new product development and I decided to make one of my cards turn into a mini puppet show at the back which the finger puppets can be used for. Overall I was really happy with my products as I felt they fitted well within the market I aimed to.

Another element I included in this project was to give each character a different personality and wrote a poem. This could then be the basis for my next children’s book!