Who’s Afraid Of the Dark?

afraid-dark-content‘Who’s afraid of the dark?’ is my latest collection of designs that are suitable for a young girl’s bedroom aged 4-10 for Autumn/Winter 2016. My designs have been inspired by a night time, woodland theme which incorporates nocturnal animals, trees and vibrant colours. It has been inspired by my book featured in this portfolio.

Following the night time theme, I also embroidered phosphorescent thread into a number of my designs, which charges up in the light and then glows in the dark. The idea being that these products can be used as a nightlight for children who are afraid of the dark. Each family of designs have different nocturnal animals, including badgers, hedgehogs, foxes and owls.

My designs are intended for bedding, curtains, wallpapers and borders. I am passionate about both traditional and contemporary techniques, therefore I focused on combining these together in this project with my digital designs and hand embroidered embellishments.

An extra element I showed in my final display was 4 hand embroideries on glow in the dark fabric. These can also be used as a nightlight and I created them imagining they could be used as a marketing tool for customers who bought my collection.