A new chapter

I’ve been meaning to set this blog up for a while now and since starting a new chapter at The University of South Wales I feel more inclined to share my thoughts and ideas. In September I made the move to Cardiff, Wales to begin my MA Scriptwriting course, a profession that’s been my goal since I can remember. I am looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead and hope to use this experience and time to unload my imagination and ideas and put them onto paper.

So far we’ve met our tutors and discussed our Final Major Project. This will be a final script that can either be a film, a TV series, a theatre piece or radio script. My eyes have opened up already and although I had bases for film and television ideas in my head it’s beginning to become apparent that working in theatre and TV maybe a less trickier path into the industry. Having worked in theatre before as an actor I would like to write a piece to be performed on a stage. And as for radio, it’s certainly a path worth thinking about as you’re more likely to get something on the radio than television. Food for thought I guess. Though my Final Major Project – which I won’t reveal details of at this moment – will be a television series that I’m really excited to start writing about.

First task though is to start learning about script analysis and character development. I’ve been reading Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers by Christoper Vogler and hope to learn a lot about the art and power of storytelling. Plus we need to deliver an essay and presentation of a chosen work so better get started!

Anyway, I’ll be keeping this blog updated as much as I can but if you want to learn more about me I’ve written a small bio of myself on my about page so do head on over there if you’ve got a moment to spare.