May 14

Gregynog – A Weekend of Writing, Winning* and Wine

So last weekend, myself along with my MA Scriptwriting classmates and tutors departed to Gregynog Hall, a large country mansion in the old county Montgomeryshire, Mid Wales. It was a writing weekend, an opportunity to receive group feedback on our first drafts (which in my case is my TV series Lemonhead) and use that feedback to start rewriting it into something… well better! As for the location, I had read up a bit about it and it looked like a beautiful, secluded getaway which would be ideal for writing and brain storming, as well as collaborating with my fellow writers, some of whom I may not see for a long time unfortunately. Though let’s not get into that right now. As we departed to Gregynog with our suitcases in the back and Primal Scream blaring in the front we began our two hour journey to our fabled destination.

Gregynog Halls - the famous picture that everyone might use on their blog.

Gregynog Halls – the exterior shot that everyone will probably use on their blog.

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May 07

First Draft of Lemonhead Complete

script-lemonheadLast week I reached a personal milestone and wrote the first three episodes of my television series ‘Lemonhead’. Each episode is about 30 pages which of course totals to 90 pages overall, which to me is a great achievement. As it’s a draft there is still plenty to do but I look forward to it. This weekend, myself and the rest of my university classmates are taking a weekend trip to mid-Wales where we will stay at Grenygog Hall and will assess each other’s work with feedback and use that to improve our scripts.

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