Ffarwel Caerdydd (Farewell Cardiff)


Two weeks ago I was looking into an empty, blank room with just a bare bed, wardrobe and desk. This was once my writing domain and office (and on some occasions a bedroom) and now I’m closing the door one final time and leaving the key behind. This was the room I wrote the majority of my scripts in during my stay in Cardiff since September of last year. It was in a quaint little terraced house that was converted from a grocery store to a house (god knows when) and I shared it with two other students who attended another university.

One of those students was actually my girlfriend, Vanessa who I moved to Cardiff to be with for her third year. Not wanting to simply find work I used my time efficiently and decided to study an MA in Scriptwriting at the University of South Wales. There I met some fantastic writers and made a lot of good friends during my time in Wales. It’s a lovely city with very friendly people and it was a welcome change of scenery. Sadly though I had to say farewell to Wales as my time was up and I needed to go back home. By time I mean how long I had the house for, I wasn’t exiled from the Welsh capital. Not yet, anyway.

I will miss Cardiff though and all the friends I made up there from my university pals, work and game development friends. Hopefully I can head up there to say goodbye properly but I will be seeing them at the graduation in September, presuming I pass of course! For now though, I need to work on the second draft of Lemonhead to have it ready by end of this weekend and get myself a decent job. I’m off to Cologne to visit Gamescom and showcase a new game I’m working on called Order of the Thorne: The King’s Challenge. Hopefully I can do a bit of writing whilst I’m out there too.

Ffarwel Caerdydd. For now.