Lemonhead Treatment Complete!

lemonheadSo, Christmas has gone, 2014 has gone and my sanity almost went with it too as I was spent the last few weeks finalising my final major project treatment for my television series Lemonhead. The treatment ended up being almost 6,000 words and I’m very happy to have it done. Writing the treatment has been a very fun experience, not just as a writer but to finally create something that’s been on my mind since I ever wanted to be a writer. Lemonhead is a personal story in it’s own way as the storyline is fictitious but the characters and situations are all based on experiences in my lifetime. I will share more with you soon and want to go into more detail of the plot but it’s under wraps for now. I hope someday I get to make it into a real television series and share it with you all. I’m very proud of it and cannot wait to start writing the script. All the best and hope you have a great new year!