A Crowdfunding Adventure + General Updates

Well I handed in the adaptation treatment for ‘Grim Fandango’ recently and eagerly look forward to my feedback. I say eagerly, more like anxiously but I’m sure it will be fine. As for my short script, I have the general story written out and will be starting my short script very soon. It’ll be good to get back into the actual scriptwriting side of things – for a scriptwriting course there is a surprising lack of it to begin with! But it’s been creative and eye opening and I feel confident going into my final major script, Lemonhead which is my television series.

In other news, my company Infamous Quests has just launched a Kickstarter for two new games that I’m helping to write and design for. The first is a short prequel to our first commercial adventure, Quest for Infamy which we’re calling Roehm to Ruin. The other is a brand new adventure series called ‘Order of the Thorne’ with the first game called ‘The King’s Challenge.’ In this you play Finn the Bard who solves puzzles and quests with his quick wit and magical lute. Our Kickstarter launched yesterday and we’re already passed the halfway point so here’s looking to an exciting month!